hup2 freebies

Help yourself to some hup2 freebies

We are not saying they are the best programmes in the world but we use them ourselves and thought others may find them useful.

If you do end up liking and using any of the programmes, feel free to put a small donation our way.

.bat files

searchindoc - search in windows xp is not that good. This programme uses dos commands to find what you are looking for. Once you have unziped the file you should take a look at it in notepad before you run it. The file has comments throughout it to explain what each line does and you can see for yourself that it is safe to run.

java files

Hup2webfe - Mobile phone text editor jar file. Lets you copy files and can be used for editing the following types of file: php, html, java and css files.

sumsMob - Game for children aged between 6-7 to help them with their maths.

web sites

noodle sims - get payed for making and receiving calls

mp-ki 1Gb firmware - Firmware for mp-ki 1Gb mp3 player

Suse 10.1 installation - Help to install suse 10.1 linux on a HP DV1049ea laptop


Solve08 - 64 squares only 8 can be used