mp-ki help

Thankfully I now have the mp-ki 1Gb working.
It wasn't too difficult.
But I was apprehensive about doing it.
And maybe I just got lucky.

Here's how I fixed it...

I put a screwdriver between the silver usb connecter and the back black casing and carefully prised the back off.

I then had to look for the board number which in my case I found by slightly peeling back the sticker that was underneath where the battery goes.

My board number was MP-482C MAIN V13

I then searched for the proper firmware for the board I had in my mp-ki.

4 firmware were supposed to be compatible for my mp-ki board but after trial and error I found the ron_482c_v13.7z worked the best as the other 3 were for fm players.


There is no guarantee the above firmware will work with your player

I only used it as there was nothing else I could do as my mp-ki 1Gb player was not working and the warranty would have been invalid by me updating the firmware from the mpman website

You should try and take a backup of your existing firmware before you make any changes to it.