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Noodle sims

Save Pounds for the price of one text

Noodle is a mobile service that enables you to earn money from incoming calls and make use of your contract mobile free minutes to make FREE or low cost International calls. You can earn up to 2 pence per minute from your own Noodle 078223 number.

Getting your own Noodle 078223 number is easy – simply txt Noodle sims to 81025 (standard rate text Please note the space – between the noddle and sims!). Please rest assured there is NO extra hidden costs for sending this text message & getting your Noodle mobile account is FREE! You will also get a call not long after your text to complete your registration unless you complete your registration online.

more details....
  • A mobile account without a SIM or contract
  • Make FREE or low cost international calls (and UK 0800; 0845; 0870) using your call plan free minutes
  • Works with your old number so you are always in touch
  • Get paid up to 2 pence per minute for calls received on your own Noodle 078223 number
  • Your Noodle 078223 number can follow you anywhere even when you change phones or providers
  • Getting started is easy: you can use your Noodle 078223 number in just 2 minutes.
  • Simply txt Noodle sims (Please note the space) to 81025 for your unique Noodle 078223 number

    I have made 1 hour 43 minutes of calls and have been paid 2 pound and 3 pence

    So if we round things up it looks like you get a pound for around an hour of calls

    Now it is probably going to take me a while to make any decent money but I imagine most people use there mobile more than me and will make more money quicker.

    Still not bad considering I was going to be making these calls anyway.

    I don't think 087 numbers are included.